Dan Hanna
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'95-2001: Protozoa/Dotcomix (San Francisco):
While at Protozoa I created, wrote, directed and animated many groundbreaking projects for both TV and the web. I also gained a wealth of experience with motion capture technology and it's application in the world of animation.

'91-'94: Colossal Pictures (San Francisco):
I was involved with the groundbreaking application of motion capture for the creation of Moxy - the world's first full body, real-time, cartoon character. As a member of the CG group I was also involved with several other performance animation projects in addition to supporting traditional CG work.

'88-'90: Celeris Inc (Chatworth, LA):
I did Computer Graphics for a variety of technical applications (e.g. weather displays, aircraft instrumentation) while going to CalArts. When nobody was using the equipment I was permitted to use it for my films. There wasn't much software, at the time, for the equipment that I was using and so I had to write much of it myself. I've written my own software for creating (and rendering) Particle Systems, Plants, Fractals, Camera Keyframing, Color Table Manipulation, Physical Simulations, etc...

'84-'88: Librascope (Glendale, LA):
Developed computer graphics for a full scale working prototype of a submarine display console.

Other Misc Items:
Worked as technical support for the Peter Gabriel "Steam" Video.
Made extra cash on weekends by cleaning up locker room in high school.


BA, Experimental Animation
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), 1990

BS, Computer Science
California State University Northridge (CSUN), 1984