These images are from when I went to the 1999 Burning Man with my Brother, Nephew and Niece. I built some giant hamster wheels so that we could roll all over the playa. At night we attached a bunch of light strands that looked pretty cool as we bumbled along in the dark.

Here are the vitals if you'd like to build one of these yourself:
Spokes: 16 spokes sections at 50.5" each
Treads: 8 treads sections at 39" each
Rim: 16 rim sections at 39"

I used 3/4 inch PVC and glued the pieces together with PVC joint cement. You'll need a whole bunch of connectors (T's & quads).

In formation.

Point of View.

From behind.

From above #1.

From above #2.

Aboard the submarine.

Leaving camp.

Me and my tail.


In camp.