These images are from a film I made a while back. I stacked a bunch of water balloons in a large section of PVC pipe and placed a trap door at one end. When the water balloons were released (from a height of about 15 feet) a hi-speed camera was triggered (by hand) and the film that resulted produced the following images. The tense face is mine. Eric Darnell dug up the hi-speed camera and he was the one who knew how to use it (although the first load of film turned into sawdust). I think the camera shot about 1000 fps - it went through a 2.5 minute (100') roll of film in about 2 to 3 seconds and looked and sounded like a circular saw! You can view the film at: animation

Initial approach of the green menace.

The green menace envelops my forhead.

The green menace fractures.

An angel descends from heaven.

Baptized by the angel.

Kiss of the blue horror.

Absorbed by the yellow beast.

Glancing off forehead while others rebound.

The great white whale descends.

Moby Dick connects.